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Dear Kinky family, welcome to the private and mysterious world of Fetish and Kink, I world renowned hostess Diana, have spent my entire creative career on a quest for the perfect sensory stimulation and taste enjoyment practice, Now via fetish role play psychological and spiritual exchange will look to pass this information on to the rest of the kinky community.
My private collection covers all traditional costumes types; rubber, latex, pvc, leather and a diverse choice of uniforms. Costume jewellery and the large stocking collection are nicely complimented by our impressive heel collection on display as you enter. With heel heights varying from 3"-12" we got you covered.
Suitable for model shoots, couples partied and romantic dinner/drinks our fantasy land is HK premier kink site and has played host to several adult movies. Our fantasy land truly is a fetish lovers dream come true.

Facilities Available to guests:-
Aroma and Facial Spa
Hydrotherapy/Massage jet bath
Creative play venues within Fantasy land including dungeon, bedroom, and AV room.

I, Mistress Diana, play host in fantasy land and have made it my life long journey to connect kink and fetish fans throughout the world. Both versatile and open minded I encourage fans interests and take a duty of care over my customers. I look forward to welcoming you.

This is a tolerant for Fantasy lover to enjoy and talk about fetish fashion, bdsm, events, likes, ideas new outfits, make up, heels and more. Please respect and love each other. I am have over 20 years experience of private KINKY LOVERS discreet aristocratic social gathering and lifestyle. Normal true love fantasy & role playing members may use the fetish & kinky CLUB, matching venue, rental and the like-minded interested partners.

The world is not free for fetish fashion & bdsm goods & fantasy dream environments and entertainment uses. I have unlimited creativity and drama fantasy. It is easy to role play Teacher and Student, Boss and Secretary. Housekeeper or colleagues, Mother and naughty boy. Kinky lover doctor and patient body check. Policewoman and inmates. Fantasy husband go home enjoy romantic sweet wife carefully planned aromatherapy kinky spa and fetish love ..... This is not for pain, but to everyone's comfort level and desire and enjoy fantasy dream wonderland's secret.

Fetish clubs shareholders give me strict requirements of each appointment must be a correct understanding of everyone mutually acceptable alternative game range and taboo fetish interested in values and rents meeting consumer budget I was very afraid to meet with the crook of a waste of time and pranks.

Please note my kinky pics make in our kinky family , this rental is for Dream house room, equipment and appropriate fetish clothing only.

Any training is provided as a life mission, a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, to bring the dreams of our kinky friends to realization - These are voluntary contributions by members to maintain the club facilities, and are all-inclusive. There are no sex service charges . If, Who are interest and values does not match, there is no relationship with the venue rental. This is not a discussion about trading in sex only or but above all :

No talk about for free lunch or paid "professionals" or compulsive sex service agency thanks.

Each individual's FANTASY & FETISH & BDSM & KINKY FUN fans and cosplay game packages and values and spending power is different. I will not try to guess anyone spending power and habit which is why I like to know your plan.

www.clubdianahk.com - The Fetish club website shows a clear difference in the rent price list and packages and discounts to suit different consumer interests and habits of voluntary and sincere lovers choice. I hope that we can reach a mutual understanding, which may see your integration into this dream paradise.

At present, the club has a strict rental system which prohibits free visits and exchanges in order to discourage rude behavior and unpleasant things from happening. Anyone who wishes to use the club venue must submit a reasonable rent and confirmation of deposit.

Currently, the clubhouse costs much to operate but we tend to focus on quality rather than quantity because trust and security are paramount here. The club must clearly understand and respect everyone's correct interests, values and spending power, and strive towards connecting global elites and network members in order to promote an alliance with each other. So that all can enjoy.

Fees paid by everyone goes towards supporting the operating costs of our sacred spiritual home and the development of a permanent dungeon and dream house for our eternally loved kinky family.

Anyone who wants to make money can join our free manager's spokesperson training program to promote inquiries and professionally discuss everyone's sexual fantasies, fetishes as well as the ultimate dream of BDSM.

We are also recruiting for online courses about 1 to 1 training and perfect education; talk & cam sessions will be broadcast live in the club.

Everyone's interest and taste for Fantasy Art Addiction, Fetish love and sex habit, personality and manners, morals and perfect to enjoy an alternative lifestyle values, select a new friend of mind and conditions are different.

My life's work is as a versatile performing kinky arts producer and " private film " maker / Fetish fever enthusiast . My preference is to enjoy a perfectionism in kinky fun and share rich and luxurious uniforms and toys including role-playing and FANTASY & FETISH & BDSM & KINKY FUN to cater to all tastes and charms and the seductive art of photography. Now in the world, and especially with Hong Kong people, not everyone knows how to enjoy FANTASY & FETISH & BDSM & KINKY FUN as an alternative lifestyle. They have not experienced this noble culture and taste.

I am not interested in meeting a stranger where there is no mutual feeling and understanding, or of one-night stands and traditional boring 'ONLY-FUCK & BYE-BYE-SOON GAME'.

My only enjoyment is with those who have a true mutual understanding and are interested in matching interests and appreciation of individual desires. I enjoy uniforms and toys and stockings and high heels temptation.

I like the excitement of showing off with sexy, sensual, beautiful and physically stimulating FANTASY & FETISH & KINKY FUN & LOVER FEELING. For ultimate SEX GAMES there is the need to have a 'fall in love' fantasy lover feeling. All natural and voluntary and enjoyable.