I am primarily a dignified and successful artist queen. My privacy and security and life is as equally important. As you can see from my pictures, I am a strong and dominant woman, and not submissive. I have over 20 years experience in this for fetish and BDSM and fantasy and role playing. I will identify and resist becoming the sexual tool of strangers - for me this does not work.

The kinky family we have here is full of trust and comfort, and is centred around the club facilities here, the rooms for which are for hire at reasonable rates, as well as the costumes, equipment and other items.

The basis of the club is to globally link the kinky fans, which is my mission, my pride and sense of accomplishment and deep satisfaction, for those who are the real fetish & bdsm fans, so that they can enjoy their dream paradise in tasteful settings which are not only the cheap and free sex game. This is not a discussion about trading in sex only.

We have over 20 years to enjoy the world's fetish fantasy and role-playing aristocratic luxury and lifestyle. Couple of KINKY FUN party partners. We are eager to like-minded men and women.

New couple partners or individual can join a Online Sex Consultation Service at the mimuium cost of to or standerd venue booking fee of mimuium charge per hour. Join a Globally Community Member Private Sexual counseling can be conducted with online fee-based courses or In person for the consultation fee per hour.

ClubHouse rent deposit to HSBC bank account: 165-7-022339, account name: So Hung
Make an appointment with a deposit 24 hours in advance

We are versatile and wholeheartedly to share our kinky family's creativity, unlimited. and underground lovers happy.
Mystery of privacy fetish & kinky family. I am a world-renowned and. Super creative career. I was in a quest for the perfect sensory stimulation and. Taste enjoyment. Noble. Fetish fantasy role-playing expert. I love the links and educate . the world's kinky fans of psychological and spiritual exchange. I have a huge and rich and luxurious world of fetish and adult accessories. rubber,latex. pvc,leather uniforms. . jewelry. stockings ,3-inch to 12-inch high-heeled hoes and boots, private collections, model photography, couple dungeon party, romantic dinner drinks. Adult movies. Aroma and facial spa, hydrotherapy massage jet, creativity and theater lovers to enjoy a dream come true. I care about the world's Interests persons.'s admiration and fascination with an share. We provide rental services for different themes as well. I am a versatile and dedicated. to find like-minded lovers and. connecting the world, a great alliance for kinky and fetish fun fans.

It seems that I can be your professional KINKY doctor. I will carefully listen to your KINKY patient's needs and dreams, and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment for you, to your complete satisfaction. Although, I have a lot of different jobs. First, I must care for the discreet members who already enjoy the independent and private use of the rental opportunities here. A lot of people initially visit to gain a mutual understanding of what is offered, and I spend a lot of time to meet each person and understand their thinking, needs and mindset, in deep and open conversation.

I have over 20 years experience of catering to private KINKY LOVERS, in a variety of mysterious, discreet and aristocratic social lifestyles. Normal party members enjoy the FANTASY & KINKY CLUB venue rental to match their dreams and meet like-minded partners to make their fantasies into realities. Who likes to be the voluntary guest and host needs clear and concise arrangements for room/club rental. I hope you understand that the provision of these entertainment facilities are not without considerable expense on my part, and in order to maintain the continuous running of this 'fantasy wonderland' for your benefit, certain rental charges must be applied to the kinky game fans. This is a limited company with investment partners sharing the interest. Each month's primary financing need is HKD300,000.

I must work hard to promote the rental facilities, within reasonable and lawful use, and market the extensive network of members I have available, the shopping opportunities of specialist goods, and the rental of venues. Managers also work on commission system.

Each individuals FANTASY, FETISH, BDSM OR KINKY FUN hobby and game packages, and spending power, is different. I will not try to guess new members spending power and habits. I would like to hear everyone's needs and plans, and budgets can then be negotiated to suit, once you have understood the primary financing expenses I face.

I'm not about torturing slaves beyond their comfort levels. There is no instant metamorphosis of witches. I seem to be a professional KINKY doctor with a passion and love for healing different needs for all my FANTASY & KINKY patients. I have enough experience to satisfy everyone's KINKY FUN, so that their dreams come true. This is about slave, pet and love and luck and happiness feelings.

Please let me know your needs and desires. You have the opportunity for planning meetings in venues where the use and rental for all your needs can be met within your consumer budgets. I will carefully listen to your needs and plans.

I wish to know what is your choice:

Contribution guest membership for those interested to wait for like-minded members matching to a host's party with invitations and interaction

Providing voluntary support to select the correct Game Package for members of different rental budgets

Global recruitment of like-minded members to join the the kinky government, with a wide range of opportunities for shopping of fantasy and specialist goods, venue rental, and kinky arts consultant, and earn a commission to promote new Members

I plan to create a new themed wonderland of a large area for a performing arts studio and shop, to the benefit of appropriate individuals and groups, and host large private parties for the globally interactive members of our loyal kinky family with matching interests. Voluntary support and mobilization of the construction costs of the new palace are welcome.

Recruit like-minded kinky fans and rental members and promoters and sponsors and partners from all over the world to support the kinky family's permanent dungeon and healthy development. Customized videos / Booking Session in Hong Kong /Paid as an actor / Welcome all Goddess and Femdom studio from different regions collaborate to create high-quality videos.

Both Voluntary sponsership and Crowdfunding partner are key important to bulid and sustain this spiritual home and kinky family.
For the Voluntary sponsership, perferable donation starts from
For the Crowdfunding partners, perferable donation starts from

I wish to make, once again, a statement - I am only looking for voluntary reimbursement of rent for FANTASY & KINKY private club meetings.

This rent contribution is not my personal income or pays for any service charges.

We provide 24 hours booking services.

I enjoy genuine mutual respect and worship and love feeling of the lover.

I would love to become your friends and share our sexual dreams together

I hope that we can reach a mutual understanding, which may see your integration into this dream paradise.

Super fantasy & fetish & bdsm & kinky family Queen Diana